Control Units Series SRB 33 - Precision Step System
Electronic Control Units Series SRB 33 are a family of electronic controls of modular design. The SRB 33 Series has a built-in microprocessor (CPU*) capable of calculating and storing operational parameters.

The SRB 33 Series is used together with basic control SRB 3110 and option box SRB 3301 for speed-compensated start/stop operations.

The SRB 33 product family is comprised of CPU*-based option cards with unique function capabilities, including those that are customer specific and those that are common to all the cards in the family.


Flexibility in programming of the CPU-based option cards allows for customer-adapted function capability utilising the microprocessor's calculation and memory functions
Speed compensation ensures precise stop position whatever the speed, thus reducing scrap
Electronic protection against mechanical overload prevents expensive down-time and damaged equipment